Sage Crankshaft Production

All the cranks we manufacture are moulded by shell and vertical moulding methods. After we use heat treatment to bring them in necessary hardness.
ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) castings we make are in GGG 90 quality and within the norms of DIN 1693 - 1973.
We use sorel metal and sphere graphite irons for casting. With some special additional materials, our crankshafts are highly resisted for heat, breaking and tensile.
We use spectoremeter to make tensile test for all casting processes.


Sage Crankshaft Quality

Before casting, we make all necessary controls of chemical ingredients. Also we check all mechanical and physical spesifications of our crankshafts.
Quality control processes are followed in every step of manufacturing by our expert team. By this way, we manufacture all our crankshafts within standarts.
Our policy is to keep cost in control, developing quality and satisfying customers.